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WMC and XBMC reusing remote same keys


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Hi Guys, 


I'm currently using a generic TV remote (maybe upgrade to harmony in future), but I'm having difficulty setting it up with flirc+WMC+XBMC. Flirc assigns a functions per remote key, but I'd like to use the same key and its function under both XBMC and WMC. For example how would I map the same info remote key to provide video info in both XBMC and WMC?




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You could change key mappings in XBMC to be compatible with WMC.

For Logitech Harmony, will a native profile for WMC be available as for XBMC?


I use WMX as PVR and XBMC for movies on the same PC. For me it's more interesting having a native WMC profile than for XBMC because, as you write, XBMC keymappings could be altered - but that's not the case with WMC.



All WMC keyboard shortcuts are available here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/media-center-keyboard-shortcuts#1TC=windows-7

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