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Pi & Multiple Keypresses


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Hi there,


Does anyone have a fix yet as to why the Raspberry Pi receives multiple keypresses through the Flirc?


I've scoured this forum and more looking for a fix, but it persists even through several iterations of XBMC/Kodi and Flirc firmware updates.


I have tried 5 different remotes, from my Harmony 300 and two different Harmony Ones, to a generic remote and the TV's remote.


I have tried 4 different flavours of XMBC/Kodi from RaspBMC to OpenELEC.


I have tried 3 different TVs with the HDMI, even used different inputs on the TVs.


I have tried the Pi in the basement and at my friends place to see if it was interference (RMI or wireless).


I have tried 3 different Flirc dongles, all with different firmwares.


I have tried 3 different Pi motherboards.


I have tried at least half a dozen different power sources, even ran the Flirc and Pi through powered hubs.


Every time I use a remote I get several keypresses, sometimes I have the input go on for 5 seconds or more.


My Pi are stock and are not overclocked.  I get the same result using either USB port or a hub.


I have been waiting for a solution to this for over a year now.  Nothing seems to fix it.


Does ANYONE have ANY configuration of Pi/Flirc working that I can resort to?  I wasn't sure where to post this as I don't know if it's a bug or something that I'm missing.





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I have mine set to 3 and I think that this is a recommended setting. I don't have Harmony remote but I've used my Flirc with 2 different LG remotes and a One-For-All universal remote. It works very well and I don't experience any of the problems you've mentioned. Try posting your problem in Firmware bugs forum or contact Jason directly via private message.

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