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XBMC OUYA Harmony One Setup


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Help Please!


The following is the setup I have... and nothing seems to work properly.


FLIRC on OUYA running XBMC

Setup Harmony Remote as "Manufacturer: Flirc" "Model: XBMC"

Recorded buttons to FLIRC on Mac v1.26 app from Harmony Remote


I have tried changing the following settings to try and stop either missed button presses, or jumpy presses (multiple hits for a single button press).  I seem to either be missing presses, or moving 3 at a time, depending on settings.


Harmony :

Device Inter-Key delay : 0 - 500ms

Inter-Device delay: 500ms (I left this one alone)

Command Repeats: 0-3 (I've tried them all)



Advanced - 

Inter-Key Delay: 0 - 6 (tried them all)

Noise Canceller: On/Off (I tried this on, seemed to remove the extra keys but caused a huge lag / missed presses.  I tried some other settings moved around with this on, but could not get rid of the horrible lag)


I'm stuck...


Thanks in advance.



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