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Questions before buying Skip Remote


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My comparison is using a One For All remote that I have now, that can control 6 devices and has smart control to do combination of devices (3 groups = 3 activities skip remote).
The bad thing that the layout of the combination I can't edit what to share on that mode, so I'm looking if Skip remote as an alternative.

The idea is to never use the original device remote control except for very unusual interaction that buttons are not mapped on my universal control.
Note: I don't use CEC HDMI only Apple TV, AV receiver is old so no HDMI, so don't tell that using CEC is the solution.

My devices: TV LG OLED, Apple TV, Sony AV Receiver Sound, BluRay 4k Panasonic.
1 Activity: TV + Apple TV + AV Sound
2 Activity: TV + Apple TV 
3 Activity: TV + BluRay 4K + AV Sound

1) How does it work the Power On and Power Off button and the action? I ask this because in the app the power on/off is like separated view when dragging buttons.
As far I know the devices does't know when is off or on when pressing power button.

2) How I can turn on/off only one device? for example if on my activity A I have set to turn on/off 3 devices.
but I want one of them to turn off or if by IR signal did't turn on one of them and I want to turn on the one that did't power up.
Note: I cannot set other activity because in the other 3 I will have other combination for other purpose.
On One For all I can select individual devices to turn on/off and with the Smart Combination Pressing down power for a few seconds turns on/off all devices in that combination setup.

3) How I can control only one device and not the combination from the activity?
for example I have 3 devices but I did the layout combination to control at the same time, but not all buttons are configuration since there is no enough space.
So how I can go set to control only one device to have a bigger layout?
On One For all I can select individual devices or go to combination mode.

4) Why there are not enough buttons, there is no forward/backward buttons and the Stop button is in the wrong place at the button..
For Bluray player we need 4 buttons back/forward chapter and back/forward by seconds.

5) Is there any plans to do the color button to have 4 modes and not 1? like pressing one will enable 4 keys with color red, pressing again will be 4 other keys with color green and so on.

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  1. The Skip 1s is somewhat smart in powering devices on and off depending on what power state it thinks things are in. In the app, you can program the power button just like any other button, though it has a Power Up and Power Down concept and will act according to the state it thinks the devices in the current Activity are in.
  2. See above, but the gist is that you can't unless you program one of the other buttons to act as power toggle, power on, or power off. The skip 1s doesn't (currently?) have a concept of a long press.
  3. You can set any Activity to have any button combination for the devices in that Activity. You could, for instance, send audio commands to your TV and navigation to your Apple TV. Or you could program an Activity to only control the TV.
  4. You could program other buttons on your remote to handle different functionality. With forward/back chapter, I'd use the channel up/down buttons.



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