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Xbmc (KODI 14) on MK802III Flirc Dongle not working


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I installed the latest version of XBMC (KODI 14) on my rooted (busybox and superuser installed) mk802III android 4.1.1.  I updated my flirc to fw 3 without any issue. I was able to program my remote which is a sapphire theatrix as well as an xbox 360 remote and a philips remote.  When I plug in the dongle to my android stick nothing works.  I tried the dongle on my xbmcbuntu setup too but it didn't work there either.  I also made sure there was a keymap.xml in my keymap dir.  I tested the remote on my xbmcbuntu box with the ir receiver that came with remote and it worked fine.  I have read many posts on the ouya but i can't find any correlation with my mk802III since the file locations and formats are different.  Any help with this would be great.  I am excited to use the dongle for a low cost solution for my bedroom streaming from my main xbmcbuntu system.

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