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My Nividia Shield (Flirc Nvidia Gen2) has been powering on when not included in an activity. I did some tests and found Philips TV (code group4) to be the culprit and concluded they must use the same power on code. Unfortunately both use a power toggle rather than separate on off codes. My original TV remote also now powers on the Shield. Strangely, it is OK the other way round. Powering on Flirc Nvidia Gen2 causes the TV power light to flash, but not power it on or off.

Has anyone else run  into similar issues and found any suitable workarounds. I'm thinking of experimenting with removing the Flirc Nvidia power toggle from start ups and adding it last to the sequence when it is not needed as it should then power off again and not power off the TV as well.

Is there a way of assigning a power/ input sequence to a key other than power in order to allow a smooth switch between activities that share devices, by using this key an A/B/C?

eg. switch from A to B would require powering off one device, powering on another and resetting an input on another device.

Each of A,B and C could be assigned 2 keys to smoothly switch to the other 2 and then pressing A/B/C would remap the buttons...

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