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How do I control one of my Devices whilst in an Activity

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The buttons are mapped by activity not device, so you would need a separate activity with buttons mapped to the functions you would require. It would most likely be impossible to cover all controls of the amp, so you would need to choose a favourites subset.

With only A,B and C, we don't have enough buttons to do this at present, but more are promised. Hopefully a double press and a long press to provide A1,A2 etc. giving 9. The fact that they are independent of the power button would be a great advantage for this use case and would provide a feature not possible with Harmony.

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On 10/23/2023 at 5:03 AM, Weatherman said:

Maybe there needs to be buttons for each device. On my One For All smart Five there are 5 device buttons and 3 activity buttons, so you can switch between as you wish


exactly, I want that also, they should do that on Skip Remote version 2 in the future I hope.
If not, I don't see a why to use this remote now, does't matter if in the future they add long press or double press to have more activity that is dumb to do every time.

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I appreciate the simplicity of this universal remote (which is incredibly close to my "dream remote"). It works well for me in managing primary activities such as "Watch TV" or "Play a Game." It handles the essential tasks like navigation, power, volume, and play/pause for these major activities, which typically make up 99% of my remote usage. This keeps things simple for me and my family. For the occasional 1% of unique situations, I resort to using the original remote.


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