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Searching in XBMC?


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I looked around and didn't see anything along these lines so hopefully someone can help me out.  I have a Harmony Ultimate remote that I'm using with my Flirc that's plugged in to an Ouya.  Everything works perfectly with one exception.  When I try to use one of the search screens, the arrows don't move around to the different letters so I can spell out my search criteria.  Has anyone else had this issue and know of a way to fix it?  Thanks in advance for any tips!

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How does this behave when you connect a normal keyboard to the Ouya? Are you able to move around with cursor keys? Please remember that Flirc acts as a keyboard so Ouya probably is expecting text input from the keyboard as opposed to the method used when text is entered using gamepad.

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Not a problem. The flirc works great on ouya and I think you will enjoy it.

One quick note. I did find that every now and then when I reboot the ouya the flirc stops responding. It goes into bootloader mode. Just take the flirc and plug it into you pc. Fite up the flirc software so it connects then quit the software and your good to go. Its only happened a couple of times with me but just in case it happens to you.

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