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Please connect Flirc


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I am constantly prompted with the message ' Please connect Flirc'.


Tried various options,

Repluged to MAC and Windows computer - no luck

Tried changing the USB ports - no luck

Tried reinstalling the software - no luck

Cannot force/ manual upgrade firmware as the device is not recognized by flirc software.


Any help wil be appreciated.


Bough the unit from Amazon, and now I wonder was it worth?


REad the fowum, hence attached are the

Screen shot of device manager

Flirc screen





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Hi All,

I am having the same problem. Downloaded the software on my Windows 8 desktop and Windows 7 laptop. When I insert the Flirc into either the PC or laptop I get the message that it is not recognised. I have a Harmony One RC and I have updated the RC with the Flirc profile but the HTPC does not react. Could you please advise as I cannot see anything else on Google search. Thanks.

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