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Sleep/Wake with a single button in openelec/XBMC?


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How does one go about making just one button sleep and way the unit in openelec?


I have the wake button programmed to the power button on the remote, but I am now unable to assign it to sleep the box.  I really don't like the idea of having to have a separate wake and sleep key.


The Flirc GUI won't allow me to assign two keys to the same button press.  Is the wake signal passed into the OS as a button press?  If so I could do a custom keymap for it, but I have no idea at this point if it is or what the signal sent is.  I assume that I have to do this in openelec somehow?  I see there's a thread that covers this exactly here on the forum, but it's windows only.  The other thread is for Gnome, so it also doesn't apply (as far as I can tell).


Thanks for any help.



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Seems to me pretty straightforward (knowing nothing about the architecture of the flirc of course) to have a feature to set a flag on a particular button to do sleep detection rather than require a separate button/feature that is divorced from the rest of the functionality.


Wish this was open source...  I would certainly have a go at it...

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