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  1. I need your email address. I sent you a PM.
  2. Jason, Do I need to completely blank my device and start over or something? What's my next move here?
  3. Tried all of that. Still doesn't work. Tried reloading my saved configuration too. No love.
  4. Here you go... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3709313/No_wake.fcfg
  5. Definitely doesn't work. I have erased, reprogrammed, wiped the entire device and started over... Nothing. Wake no longer works. Before upgrading, pressing the assigned button highlighted the wake key. Now it doesn't, and the feature no longer works.
  6. Updated to 3.1. Now wake no longer works. It programs in the GUI just fine, but when I press the button assigned to wake, I see not response in the GUI, and it doesn't wake my device when connected. Can I please get the prior FW so I can downgrade my Flirc?
  7. I can report the same issue. All was fine before I upgraded to Yosemite. The only button I can't get to work though is the Wake button on the full keyboard.
  8. Seems to me pretty straightforward (knowing nothing about the architecture of the flirc of course) to have a feature to set a flag on a particular button to do sleep detection rather than require a separate button/feature that is divorced from the rest of the functionality. Wish this was open source... I would certainly have a go at it...
  9. How does one go about making just one button sleep and way the unit in openelec? I have the wake button programmed to the power button on the remote, but I am now unable to assign it to sleep the box. I really don't like the idea of having to have a separate wake and sleep key. The Flirc GUI won't allow me to assign two keys to the same button press. Is the wake signal passed into the OS as a button press? If so I could do a custom keymap for it, but I have no idea at this point if it is or what the signal sent is. I assume that I have to do this in openelec somehow? I see there's a thread that covers this exactly here on the forum, but it's windows only. The other thread is for Gnome, so it also doesn't apply (as far as I can tell). Thanks for any help. Jeff
  10. On that same note, is it possible to assign a wake key and a sleep key to the same button? Meaning, I want the power button on the remote to issue sleep to XBMC, but then i want it to wake the unit back up as well.
  11. Aaaand, about the time I post this, I find the advanced settings "sleep detection" setting. I think I'm good to go here. Jeff
  12. Hi everyone, So I have my FLIRC running my XBMC (OpenELEC) box and I absolutely love it, but I'm having an issue with what I call hypersensitive wakeup. I put my box to sleep, but absolutely any IR from any remote wakes it back up. I'm using a repurposed Samsung remote from an old DVD player with the FLIRC, but any of my IR remotes will wake the unit. Is there a way to program the FLIRC to only wake on a single, specific key press? Regards, Jeff
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