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FLIRC only works when connected to keyboard and monitor?


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I'm trying to control a headless Itunes server.  FLIRC works perfectly as long as I have a physical keyboard and monitor (I'm sending keyboard commands to windows shortcut keys).  But when I remove the keyboard and monitor, windows seems to ignore the FLIRC commands.  Not sure if FLIRC isn't sending the command or windows simply ignores it.



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Nothing like answering your own questions.  Anyway, to contribute to future FLIRC users, here is a FAQ for headless FLIRC activities:


1)  Shortcut custom hotkeys must be on the desktop to work.

2) Program your FLIRC with physical keyboard and monitor.  Then carefully note below.

2) If using a headless PC, you CANNOT ever use RDP protocol to control/login to the PC if you want shortcut hotkeys to work.  Shortcut hotkeys become disabled up on activating RDP and STAY disabled.  Solution: enable automatic login and put your FLIRC controlled software in the "startup" folder.  If you have to wade through prompts, program FLIRC with an "enter" key and hit that key a few times to bring up your software.


Arcane stuff, but maybe important to FLIRC users.



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