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New to flirc, have a few questions


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Hi there.


I have a HTPC running WMC. OS is Windows 8.1. I was previously using a media center remote for my xbox 360s that were being used as extenders but I also wanted to get my PC itself something I can control instead of using a keyboard and mouse.


I picked up a Logitech Harmony remote and the flirc thinking that would be enough. I am close to getting this working but I have a few questions.


After configuring the flirc with a few basic commands I noticed that play pause isn't working how I want it. When I pause the video stops but the audio keeps going. I can't tell why this is happening and I haven't been able to find any other threads that mention this. 


Also several commands I send also seem to activate my TV when I don't want them to. my TV will display a prompt stating 'Only available in TV input. Do you want to select TV input?'


Is there something wrong in my Harmony setup where remote commands are being sent to both the PC and my TV?  I have an LG 50PZ950 for my TV but this isn't even added a device in the Harmony control. If it matters my AV receiver is a Denon AVR1611.  If I could just get that part fixed it'd solve most of my problems. The play/pause thing is weird so I need to work that out also.


Thanks for any help.


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I don't have Harmony so I can only speculate based on knowledge I've gained doing research on them (I've decided to go for OneForAll Simple 4 remote instead). I think you are in activity mode which allows you to send commands to different devices without switching between them. So you started the activity which was configured to send TV commands on some keys and the ones for Flirc on others and then you recorded these buttons. So in the end the remote is sending a single command but both your tv and flirc are reacting to it. You should disable activity, clear Flirc and then set harmony to a single device mode and record commands one more time.

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