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wake up and sleep


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Hey i want to wake up my computer when i press xbmc activity from my harmony remote. i set up the following activity in my xbmc

led tv turn on and set to hdmi 1

avr turn on and set to blue ray

for controlling i have enter the mce remote keys, i have mce ir receiver also.

now i want my computer wake up automatically when i press xbmc activity and sleep when i turn off xbmc activity.

please help me how do i do.


Currently i am manually wakeup my pc .

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I also want to try to figure out how to start my HTPC running Win 7 with my Harmony One using Flirc.

Is there any guide how to get this to work?


Can Flirc cold boot a computer or does the computer have to be on sleep or hibernate?

I want to achieve the same as the kapirani


any feedback appreciated

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