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"Debounce" keydown/keyup events


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I received my Flirc today, so I'm pretty new to this.
I'm using Flirc on Linux and I'm trying to control mpd (music player daemon) through a combination of triggerhappy, mpc and a generic remote control. My problem right now is that if I don't immediately release a button on the remote control, I get a series of keydown/keyup events.
My remote apparently sends alternating codes, accordingly I have programmed two "button presses" for each event Flirc generates. That seems to work and I don't think it is the cause of my problem.
Originally, I did get a sequence of keydown, (repeated) keypressed, keyup events. However, the keys themselves always were a combination of only(!) modifier keys.
Tinkering around I did lots of irreproducible stuff in the GUI (Flirc program) and command line tool (flirc_util). Along the way I *may* have updated the firmware. Here's what I currently have:

$ ./flirc_util settings
flirc_util version v1.2.6 [v1.2.6]
  Firmware: v2.6

  sleep detection:  Disabled
  noise canceler:   Disabled
  inter-key delay:  3
  state:            0
  builtin profiles: Disable

Memory Info:
  keys recorded:  12
  keys remaining: 157
  memory used:    8%

Recorded Keys:
Index  hash        key
-----  ---------   ---
    0  9F11E0D7    play/pause
    1  5F25EB06    play/pause
    2  1FC1F416    stop
    3  DF2A8BEF    stop
    4  DF34F416    rewind
    5  9F9E8AEF    rewind
    6  5FC5F416    fast_forward
    7  1F2F8BEF    fast_forward
    8  808C56CC    prev_track
    9  40662E24    prev_track
   10  5F8C56CC    next_track
   11  1F662E24    next_track

$ ./flirc_util status
Last upgrade attempt: Error

The latter output is surprising and the "Error" does not disappear when I "force upgrade" from the GUI.


Any hints how to solve this?



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