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FLIRC doesn't respond after period of idle OpenElec

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Hello all,



I am running the latest version of openelec on a regular pc. The flirt works just fine but after a period of not using openelec/xbmc it doesn't respond directly, it starts responding after a couple of minutes when i used the keyboard and watch television.


I am using the flirc with logitech harmony touch.



Any ideas ?






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I have the same problem but Openelec on a Raspberry Pi. It works fine, but when idle for a while than the Flirc stopts working. I have to unplug the Flirc and reset it on the PC.


I have a similar issue - latest version of OpenELEC on Raspberry Pi (although in my case this seems to be during playback rather than idle).


I have 4 RPis, but it only happens on the one connected to the TV in my bedroom. So far, I have swapped the PSU, the RPi board, the SD card, the Flirc itself, and done a full reinstall of the software. Still happens on whatever hardware setup is connected to this TV, and I can't reproduce it on any of my other RPis.


Logs on the RPi show it disconnecting after a period of time then reconnecting as 'bootldr'.


I have opened a support ticket - will report any updates here.


Nobuddy0816's comment about energy saving is an interesting one - not sure where this lives on OpenELEC but will investigate.

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