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XBMC - reprogramming single key

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I have flirc mostly running on an android box with xbmc. I have set up a harmony remote with the Flirc profile, which works almost perfectly, but I need the "back" button to send the "esc" command. How can I do this?


Edit: did a quicky test, and it turns out the Flirc produces space for "exit", and backspace for the back key. But if I do "flirc_util record escape" I get "button already exists". Escape is indeed tied to a key, but I have no idea which; the settings say "257BC215    escape"


I've seen the FAQ suggesting "use any other remote", but I don't know what that means. Should I set up a boxee remote in MyHarmony? And then do what?


Edit: I was able to edit the keys with flirc_util

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The Flirc profile is pre-paired with Flirc out of the box, so you are correct in that if you want to program it yourself then the easiest way is to use another profile.

Boxee would be fine, as would a TV remote profile (that isn't the same brand as your TV).

The pair the remote control buttons as before

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