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Skip App 0.9.80 on Windows 10 feedback


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Just some feedback regarding issues which caught me out and prevent the remote from being usable for me:


1. Unclear how to access all the buttons in the button panel; turns out you have to use a device with a scroll, which is really unclear/unhelpful
2. When you make a selection in brand/model boxes they are not shown, yet may filter to reduce what is shown when you click the dropdown. This is very confusing and unclear as to what is happening
3. Pressing space bar when entering the name of the remote moves focus elsewhere; this shouldn't happen
4. The Info, stop, play/pause and mute buttons do not do anything when I selected PC device, Flirc brand and WMC as the model, despite having the Flirc USB device. Those buttons are not recognised in the Flirc 3.27.0 app using any of the controller profiles, esp. the WMC one, or when IR Debugging. I would class these buttons as being pretty critical to a media setup.
5. In the brand dropdown there are 2 entries for Sony, with different case; this list should be deduped
6. My Sony receiver is not listed, Sony STR-DN1080. I tried all the STR Series Main Zone models but nothing worked. All I need is power on/off and input selection
7. My Philips 55POS9002 TV was also not found. I tried the various Code Groups and Code Group 1 did work for power on/off, but perhaps was slightly different to my TV remote which when turned off shows a red LED (to show in standby mode) which doesn't happen using the Skip 1s. Also no other buttons seemed to work, like settings/menu
8. bundled UCB-C to USB-C cable - can't make use of this as I don't have USB-C on my device. I think USB-C is still pretty uncommon and so a standard USB-A would of been better at one end, or also include an adapter.

It's a real shame because the physical remote is great, but is let down by it's own software and that of the Flirc USB device, which means I still need to use my other remotes for 1 or 2 actions, and so isn't really an improvement over my existing setup. If it worked to turn my TV on/off correctly (all I need) and my receiver on/off plus input selection, I'd would be an ideal solution.

Perhaps if/when the ability to learn the codes from my existing remotes comes these issues could be overcome




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Added context to OS being used and extra feedback
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