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Latest Flirc firmware and software problems, can't delete GUI not working


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Just bought another flirc. First flirc was easy(apart from having to do the control+F and control+B work around).
2nd flirc nightmare. Foolishly I upgraded the firmware as soon as I received it, 2.5 I think, and latest GUI, off the web. I'm using windows 7 32bit and a Hauppauge remote. Using with media center.

1st problem: Can't record off the GUI. Stuffed around with drivers and shit but no dice. Had to be all done through CMD. GUI says it works but it doesn't.

2nd problem: Can't delete through CMD. Says it did, but it didn't. I would delete the index key under settings but the key I'm trying to delete was recorded under record_api and they aren't coming up, just the normal ones. If I format it, it will delete, but that means I have to start again, which I don't want to do. Formating and reloading from a saved file doesn't work either.

3rd problem: What is the HID code for the windows logo? I can't record it in the GUI so need to use the record_api function to do it.

4th problem: Had to record each button twice. Part of the reason I don't want to start over.


Apart from that it all goes well now. 1 button is wrong but I can live with that.

I would like to rollback the firmware to something that works like v1 on my other flirc but the firmware files are down.

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