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Openelec- Suspend and Wake


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First of all, let me just say that I love your product. It has made managing my media box and TV with one remote so much simpler. 


However, I am struggling with some aspects of it. I use my TV's remote for my OpenELEC machine with the FLIRC which is programmed to control it. But the key presses are ready by both TV and the OE box, and that can be a problem at times. 


I want to program a key on remote to put the OE BOX to sleep when I change my source from OE box to a different one. and wake it when I switch it back. (Basically I want to program the Input or source button on the remote to do this). 


Is this possible with FLIRC? i know you can put it to sleep but hitting any key on the remote ends up waking it up, whereas I want that function mapped to a specific key (and not every key on the remote control)


I will appreciate any feedback on this matter.


Thank you. 

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