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Harmony One-Flirc No Space for Recording Button


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I emailed Jason about this but perhaps someone has a solution. I took a Flirc that I had been using with XBMC and Plex on my Mac Mini. I formatted it, disabled profiles and upgraded the firmware to 2.4. This is using Flirc 1.2.3 on a Mac ( same thing happened on a PC under win7). According to flirt_util there are no recorded buttons. Now I want to use it for my Fire TV so I took a device ( a PVR) which we don't own and made an Activity which yielded ir signals for each button. 


I then went to configure flirc:


- pressed the Up arrow and flirc claimed the button was in use

- erased the button

- tried to record the key again and this time it said no space left for buttons


I have tried this a zillion ways on usb3, usb2, mac, pc, no usb extension, usb extension,....


Does anyone have a solution? Such a need device but perhaps only for Plex and XBMC?







Edit: Here is what I get from the cli


./flirc_util space


Memory Info:

  keys recorded:  0

  keys remaining: 169

  memory used:    0%

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