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Flirc stopped working on MiBox S


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I've juste received Flirc Gen2 today.
I've programmed it using Flirc on Windows 10 Pro.
When I've started the App, I've been asked to update the firmware : I did it.

I use Flirc on MiBox S Android TV.

My first try worked well.

I wanted to correct some pairing keys and added new ones... I did but then Flirc did not work anymore with MiBox S...

I cleaned the configuration (File-> Clear Configuration), programmed again the Flirc, but it's still not working.

In Device Log, with IR Debugging enabled, data is displayed when I press any button from my IR remote controller.

Here is the screen shot with 1 button pressed  :



jeu. févr. 16 2023 23:09:12

Flirc GUI Version v3.26.4

Operating System: Windows

*** Device Disconnected ***

*** Device Connected ***

Firmware Version: v4.9.6

SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori]

Git Hash: 0x7b7a4f11

<1>malloc_addblock(49): Heap Block: 0x20001AA4 - 0x20003BFF (8k)






I noticed from now that pressing many times the same remote controller button was triggering sometimes that button on the android tv (for example, I press about 15 times RIGHT and it goes sometimes RIGHT 1 time on android TV).

Would you have any idea to correct that problem please ?


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I've made a new test this morning.

I've cleaned current configuration in Flirc.

I've plugged a keyboard in my Android Box, and found usefull keys.
I've used the controller Flirc keyboard to record those found keys.

New tests were successfull !

I've added new keys from other controllers and then, it's started to dysfunction.

So, I've cleaned current configuration, and used only keyboard Flirc.

I suspect the sun in the room that may disturb the sensor for the today s tests.

While yesterday' tests were done at night (I use LED lamps).




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