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Flirc with Librelec/KODI, multiple Remotes not mapping buttons correctly


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I have a FLIRC v2, the problem is that when I try to program the "1" button, this is the "7" button that is mapped. The gui reports that the key pressed is 7 and not 1. I have several other buttons that are mismatched.

I tested with mutiple remote and it is the same... please help

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I noticed, thanks to the button editing addon on kodi, that flirc retrieve the same code for several different buttons. For exemple, here the code 61952 is assigned to the buttons 2, 7 and 9.

As you can see :

<keymap><global><keyboard><key id="61478">number1</key><key id="61952">number2</key><key id="61474">number3</key><key id="61479">number4</key><key id="61480">number5</key><key id="61485">number6</key><key id="61952">number7</key><key id="61535">number8</key><key id="61952">number9</key></keyboard></global></keymap>

Please can you help me ? Thanks

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Did you manually assign each remote button to individual keyboard keystrokes?

Getting rid of the profiles will require you to send the keystrokes your Kodi player is mapped to receive. I use Plex, which is similar (e.g., the play button is assigned to the Spacebar, the center button to the Enter key, the directionals to the cursor keys, etc.) And, I also cleared the Flirc USB configuration from the File menu, to make sure there weren't any pairings still hanging around. Initially, my Harmony remote button pairings were still inside the Flirc USB (both remotes sort of worked concurrently), but the Harmony is now on a shelf now that its buttons have been cleared from the USB receiver.

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