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Programming Flirc for OUYA (XBMC) with Xbox 1 (The first) remote


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I am having trouble configuring my Flirc. I run the program on a Windows 7 64bit machine, updatet to the latet firmware.


Then when i am trying to learn the buttons, it says the button already exists. Since i wanna make sure everything is ok, i wanna do it from scratch. So i clear the programming from the menu, but it is still the same afterwards. If i try to hit redo, i either get that the button excists, or that it is no space for more keys.


When putting the Flirc into the OUYA, nothing happens either in the OUYA dash or XBMC. I have a sideloaded xbmc, the OUYA is rooted.


Any hints on what to do would be appreciated.

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