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Found 13 results

  1. I purchased Flirc USB to replace an old Microsoft eHome USB infrared receiver that I used with my custom build Windows 10 PC. My PC does not have Bluetooth. I use a Logitech Harmony Smart Control remote and have created 3 Harmony Hub activities using 4 devices: Microsoft Media PC SE, Microsoft Media Player, AVR and TV. I have customised the buttons on my remote for each activity. After installing the Flirc Windows software, I updated to the latest available firmware and confirmed that all built-in profiles have been selected. Within my Harmony Hub, I added the Flirc Media Player as a device using XBMC as the device model number. I also tried using Kodi and Flirc Media Center PC as the device model number. In all cases, my Harmony remote was able to control my AVR and TV but had no effect on my PC. I tried relocating the Flirc USB receiver from a UBS port in the back of my PC case to one in the front but this didn't change anything. I'm hoping I missed something and don't have to change any of the above-mentioned devices within my Harmony Hub activities as this would mean recreating the activates from scratch and resetting all of the custom remote buttons. If anyone has any helpful suggestions I'd love to hear them. Cheers
  2. Hey Jeson, as you seem to ignore me on hangouts I will have to post here and hope I get an answer this year. The issue is I'm prompted to upgrade firmware from v.3.11.0 > v.3.12.0 says upgraded fine but it never upgrades. Flirc still works as it should but I get prompted the above every time it launches.
  3. Hi, Just bought the FLIRC. Tried to install it on Windows 10. The FLIRC shows up as Keyboard under the "Bluetooth and other devices". But it did not show up in the Device Manager. I had to use to Zadig to make it even appear there. But the Device Manager shows both flirc 0 and flirc 1 under "libusbK" Devices. I have also provided the log. States that the HID-device can not be found (AFAICS). Anyone knows what to do? Cheers, Markus flirc_log.txt
  4. Hi there! I purchased a Flirc USB 2nd genI have a desktop PC and a HTPC that I intend to use the Flirc on, both are running Windows 10. For this convo, I'll only bring up the desktop PC, but it is has an ASRock FM2A75M Pro4+ mother board. How do I go about syncing my logitech Harmony 650 to this device and using the Flirc/Harmony 650 to power on my PC (not from sleep, that is)? I believe that the BIOS options for power to the USBs is currently on, is there a way to verify that? I also activated the 'powering on by USB keyboard/mouse' in BIOS, but that still didn't help. Is there a proper model number for the Flirc? I have tried the help here: https://support.flirc.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200712568-Logitech-Harmony-Remotes, but it doesn't seem to work... Can I get some help? Is there a simple walk-through for this? I've tried all of the Flirc commonly available FAQs and topics, but they don't seem to work. Thanks ahead of time!
  5. I would like the power button on my remote (I have a spare WDTV and a Panasonic remote which I'm using with Flirc Gen 2) to act as a sleep button. I'm using a Windows 10 laptop to run Kodi. I've tried using the Shut down button in both GUI & command line. Although both report success nothing happens when the power button is pressed. I want sleep rather than shut down anyway. In windows the key combination for sleep is Win key + x (simultaneously) followed by u then s. How should I turn this into a macro? (I have read the manual and searched the forum, but no one else seems to have asked this question). Thank you.
  6. Hi all, I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out whats going on so figured id sign up and ask! Been a Flirc user for over 2 years and legit 2 days ago it simply stopped controlling my Kodi setup (Windows 10 PC) using Logitech Harmony. I can see its still active in Device Manager and tried uninstalling software/driver + reinstall. Tried removing the Device from Logitech Harmony and re-adding. Changed USB ports .... almost everything under the sun I can think of but my remote simply cant control my PC (kodi) any more. I have tried re-mapping the buttons with the Flirc windows software but it just wont read the input strokes from the remote. Unsure where the issue lies, whether its Windows, Flirc, Logitech, Kodi but I have basically tried to address each one to no avail. Does anyone have any idea what else I can try? Happy to send logs or whatever else required. Thanks heaps in advance for any insight!
  7. Hello folks :) Sorry if this has been answered before I've searched the forums here and google but couldn't find any definitive answer. So is it possible to use flirc with a remote to control windows 10 in tablet mode? I've seen some discussions where people are commenting on using tablet mode for their HTPC as it's nice big tiles and good for navigating, but cant find out how they are doing it. When i start windows 10 in tablet mode, I can use the mouse only? flirc remote doesn't seem to work and plugged in keyboard doesn't seem to work,. I'm assuming there is a workaround, I just can't find it :( Really appreciate some help. Thanks, AL. :)
  8. Hi all, I recently purchased a Flirc Gen 2 and have been trying to set it up on a new Windows 10 HTPC with Kodi. I also have another HTPC, a Zbox, that came with a remote and IR receiver, which is my frame of reference. I can currently do the following with the Zbox and a Harmony 650 remote: navigate the start menu in Tablet Mode with the 650put the computer to sleep and wake itnavigate KodiThe Zbox has a profile in the Harmony database (not sure if that matters).My hope was that I could replicate the same functions with the Flirc and my new HTPC. However, I run into the following issues with various Harmony profiles: Microsoft Kodi: can navigate start menu, but missing play, pause, stop, etc. buttons for Kodi. Will not put the computer to sleep or wake it.Flirc Kodi: cannot navigate start menu, but all buttons mapped properly for Kodi and work once Kodi is launched. Cannot sleep or wake the computer either.My other issue is that although the Flirc has perfect line of sight to the remote, yet it is either laggy or won't register a remote press at times. The Flirc itself installed just fine, no driver issues, and the firmware even updated at first boot of the software.Thoughts from those with more experience than I? Should I just be trying to find an RC6 receiver...did I misunderstand the features of the Flirc or how it interfaces with the computer? Thanks for any help!
  9. Just bought a usb flirc receiver, and here's my versions of stuff: Flirc GUI v1.4.4 Flirc driver v3.0.6.0 In the GUI, File > Advanced > [x] Sleep Detection is enabled. In Controllers > Full Keyboard, I mapped a signal to the Wake key. When the computer goes to sleep, pressing that button (or any other mapped flirc signal for that matter, e.g. arrow keys, enter, etc.) has no effect whatsoever. So I opened the device manager and looked at libusbK USB Devices > flirc and saw that there was no Power Management tab. Then I looked under Keyboards to see four entries labeled HID Keyboard Device. All four of them have Power Management > [x] Allow this device to wake the computer enabled. I tried disconnecting flirc, and one if the keyboards disappeared. I figured out which of them was flirc's keyboard entry and double-checked that device-wake was enabled (it is). Since none of that worked, I opened PowerShell (x86) as an administrator and ran powercfg -devicequery wake_from_any and saw flirc along with a lot of other device names. Then I ran powercfg -devicequery wake_armed and saw this much shorter list: PS C:\Windows\system32> powercfg -devicequery wake_armed HID Keyboard Device HID-compliant mouse HID Keyboard Device (001) Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller HID-compliant mouse (001) HID Keyboard Device (002) HID-compliant mouse (002) HID Keyboard Device (003) I then tried to enable wake for flirc with disappointing results: PS C:\Windows\system32> powercfg -deviceenablewake flirc You do not have permission to enable or disable device wake. (I tried the above with the 32bit PowerShell as well, just in case, but with identical results.) I can't find any settings related to wake from USB in my BIOS, but I enabled Power On By Keyboard (with any key), Power On By Mouse (with any movement), and Platform Power Management for good measure. That said, since I can already wake from suspend by plugging in an actual USB keyboard and pressing any key, so I don't see how any of that would help anyway. Also, for what it's worth, powering on a steam controller does wake the computer from sleep. But I bought this flirc receiver for the sole purpose of being able to wake my computer with my remote control as well, so it'd be really nice if it did that. Can you think of anything I haven't tried? Much appreciated, Matt
  10. I've got a brand new flirc usb dongle (arrived yesterday). I connected it, downloaded the application, updated the firmware per Flirc's blog, and now the software crashes on launch. I tried manually updating the firmware as recommended in the sticky note of the firmware forum. That didn't fix it. http://blog.flirc.tv/library-version-history/ I uninstalled the driver and application completely, rebooted, and reinstalled. That didn't fix it. My brand new flirc is dead. Is there a fix, or do I just need to return it for a refund and find some other IR receiver?
  11. I was happily using flirc on Windows 10 64 bit for several months. I installed GUI version 1.4.3 which indicated I should update firmware to 3.8. Now it shows disconnected in the GUI on 3 different machines. The interesting thing is that old remotes I programmed are still usable in Kodi and 3 different PC's (Win 7, Win 10, and Ubuntu 14.04) recognize the device, indicate that drivers are properly installed, and that it is functioning correctly. The problem is that I have purchased a new remote and would really like to be able to program it with the GUI. The main machine I want to use the device on is running Windows 10 so I'd prefer to focus on fixing the problem there. I would be happy to roll back to previous versions of GUI/Firmware or send logs (wherever they may be located) to support to find out why the GUI continues to show disconnected. I've tried manually installing drivers, Zadig, etc, although it isn't doing any good and as stated above, Windows 10 sees the device and indicates that it is working properly in device manager.
  12. I just received my flirc yesterday. I have an Origin PC with windows 10 and Kodi installed. Going through all of the set up steps, I could not get past the key mapping. For some reason, something keeps sending a "1" command. The "1" on the mapping page kept going green. I tried to save a configuration, and in the file name, it would automatically have "111111111" in the file name. I would delete them, and they would appear, one by one. I took my harmony remote 30 feet away, and into a kitchen drawer with pots and pans, and the "1"'s would continue. I wanted to see if it was the harmony, and it wasn't. I don't have any other remote in the room. If I unplug the Flirc, it stops. Plug it back in, and it continues. I went started Kodi, and something was sending commands, as it selected Videos, TV Shows, Movies, Music, Settings, and Back to Videos, TV Shows ..., and would not stop. I unplugged my Logitech keyboard, and it still kept on going. I was able to upgrade the firmware on the Flirc from 3.6 to 3.7. Is my Flirc defective? Any thoughts?
  13. I got my flirc on Amazon a couple days ago and it worked perfectly with my Xbox one media remote. I mapped it for my Kodi setup on Windows 10 , but after restarting my laptop the second day, Windows 10 wouldn't recognize it at all, I've tried everything I've read about it. Uninstall it, unplugged it, try on another computer, try on another OS (Ubuntu), use a different USB port. I running out of ideas and I started to think it could be a hardware failure D: Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated it :D
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