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Found 3 results

  1. Here's to one more remote (IR), it's attached. I've used Flirc's own tools (with the Flirc USB) to get the Pronto codes for the Pronto file, using Linux: sudo ./irtools decode -l giving both RAW and PRONTO codes. It works! :) At the moment I've not yet tried the Skip 1s Admin Mode or modified the export/import json. (Salora if you want feedback, from a text file with the same name you could paste a timecode at the 'insert chapter timecode'. (On the screen.) If I remember correctly. The rest I forgot. The other timecodes.) Somebody might already have submitted this brand and model, or this brand and all models, but I learned a lot again. So, cheers. Salora-39FSB6502-TV.txt Salora 39FSB6502 - p8 mod.pdf
  2. My wife and I have just received our Flirc Skip 1s and began setting it up. The first thing we wanted to do was to set it up to WatchTV. Our television in the living room is a Sceptre X435BV-F (43") that was just got from Walmart on Jan 27, 2023. We previously had bought a Sceptre E195BV-SR (19") on July 7, 2020 and then a Sceptre X325BV-FSR (32") on February 3, 2021 (so, as you can see, as far back as 3 years ago now). ALL THREE SCEPTRES USE THE SAME REMOTE. I can take the remote from the 19" unit in the guest room and use with the new 43" unit in the living room. All the buttons and design are 100% the same. NEITHER SCEPTRE "CODE GROUP 1 (TV)" OR "CODE GROUP 2 (TV)" OR EVEN "CODE GROUP 1 (TV/DVD COMBO)" WILL WORK WITH ANY OF MY SCEPTRE TELEVISIONS. The Kickstarter said there was a Learning IR Receiver to "Learn any remote," but I don't see how to make that happen in any of the instructions or in the actual app. Looking in this community, now that I've found it, the indication is that the learning ability hasn't been created yet. Please help! I'm dead in the water if the Skip 1s can't control my TV.
  3. Here is my bedroom setup using Flirc with a android TV Stick. Works Great!!! Thanks Guys!! http://youtu.be/wCRn0lmAuL0
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