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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I just got the firc and an nVidia Shield. I have the activity for watching the plex to have the Sony TV, Marantz prepro and the nVidia Game Console (nVidia Shield). I programmed the FLIRC for Shield 2 and updated the firmware. When start the activity, it starts all the devices and the buttons work fine. I have a power toggle in the screen part of my harmony that works if for any reason I wasn't aiming in the right direction when I started the activity. When I power the activity down, it does power off the TV and the Prepro but it doesn't put the shield in standby or power it off. If I go to the activity, Customize activity, at the bottom there are activity shutdown commands. I select it and try to add a step for the device nvidia game console (I can't add an action, just a command) but for command there are no power or standby options. Anyone know a way around this (short of power toggling it manually before shutting down the activity?)
  2. Hey, I used a Xbox one media Remote for a long time with my Flirc Gen 1. Now I updated the firmware to 3.11 and the Mac app to 3.25.3 And now it does not recognize the Remote anymore. I can not learn any key. Other Remotes are still recognized, so the Flirc is not broken. I bought a replacement Xbox Remote but it also does not work. Can you please share an older version of the Firmware, so I can downgrade ?
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