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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I was just looking for a solution to this (hopefully) simple use case and came upon your product. We're a Roku household so that remote is very familiar to us. We have a Windows 10 PC in one of the rooms used for gaming and to watch Youtube videos (for the kids). The trouble is they are chained to the computer (keyboard and mouse) to control Youtube when it's on. That's fine sometimes, but sometimes they just want to get up and move around and having a remote be able to do all the usual things on the Windows Youtube app via a remote would free them from that situation. Fast forward, rewind, pause, play, back (to navigate vidoes), voice search, etc. When the kids are using an actual Roku on another screen, they know how to control the native Roku Youtube app using the Roku remote. I'd ideally like to use Flirc to give them as close to the same experience for controlling Youtube on the Windows PC using the same Roku remote via Flirc. How possible is this given the Flirc software and limitations (do doubt) of Youtube control via the "keyboard" triggers that Flirc can pass through?
  2. I'm currently using Flirc to interact with my non-IR Roku by mapping custom Global Keyboard Shortcuts in KDE to launch individual bash scripts that submit the corresponding curl command to POST to the Roku's IP address. While this is working well, I've run in to a snag. I use the computer and Roku on the same TV with different inputs. When I lock the KDE desktop to switch to the Roku (which is desired), the bindings stop working. I'm fairly certain this is because the "locked" status is preventing KDE from initiating the shortcut. My question is... Has anyone else found a way to get this, or something like it to work when the desktop is locked?
  3. Hi Everyone, Here is my gear! thanks ;) Moutaz
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