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Found 2 results

  1. The dongle is outputting extra characters that are visible on whatever window that's open and accepts input (Lxterminal, Mousepad). Sometimes they appear on button press, other times on button release depending on how quickly you do it. ^[[15;5~ Is there a way to prevent Lxterminal from receiving input since it is not an interactive shell? But more importantly, why can't FLIRC only output the intended characters (Ctrl+F1) and nothing more? Using the latest firmware.
  2. Hi there, I got a Flirc IR universal receiver I want to use with Kodi. I first plugged it in a Mac running Flirc's GUI, programmed a few basic buttons (directional arrows, back) from a disused IR remote control. Kodi runs from LibreELEC on a Raspberry Pi 3. When I plug the Flirc IR receiver into the Raspberry Pi 3, nothing happens as I press the buttons on the remote control. Rebooted, same absence of result. What could be happening there?
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