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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I’ve just gotten my Skip1s and USB bundle. Really excited and trying to get things set up, but I’m running into a problem I can’t seem to solve. Issue: Can’t control Plex via Skip1s as programmed in Skip app Set up: Skip1s programmed “PC” for “Flirc” and “Plex” in Skip app v0.9.956 beta. Synced to “A” Activity button FLIRC USB and software v3.27.10 Windows 11 Pro Plex HTPC v10.0.22631 Observations: Controls as programmed via the settings synced from Skip app to “A” activity don’t trigger the expected behaviour in Plex. I am able to program some aspects of Plex controls with Skip1s via FLIRC USB software, but not all (so obviously not desirable long term). When no settings are programmed in FLIRC USB software and the device log is set to “Enable IR Debugging”, IR signals from Skip1s are detected. Activity “B” settings for TV and Soundbar work as programmed in Skip app. FLIRC USB doesn’t show in Windows Device Manager, including, hidden devices. Attempted remedies: Full system restart Powered Skip1s off/on via removal of batteries for >10 minutes Moved FLIRC USB to multiple alternative usb ports, including a usb hub, front panel and mobo backplate I/O. Program desired settings to activities “B” and “C” via Skip app Reset Skip1s settings in Skip app, used Skip app on alternative windows machine to set up Skip1s as a new device. Used FLIRC USB and software on alternative machine. Outcome: Issue persists, namely, input via Skip1s remote results in no action in Plex. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I love this product already, I just want to make this work and it’ll be perfect.
  2. I have 3 Skip remotes, 1 for my office, 1 for my living room, and 1 for my bedroom. None of them are connecting or being detected by the Skip software on either Mac or PC. I have tried the supplied USB-C cables for each, as well as 3 other known working USB-C cables. The batteries are installed and each remote lights up with pressing the multi-colored button. Can someone give me a hand here?
  3. Hello, Hope that this i the right forum as my input relates both Skip 1s remote and Flirc USB. I recently received my Skip 1s remote with Flirc USB. I will appreciate for some guidiance about setup as I am little confused about how to setup my configuration. My setup is Desktop PC (with Flirc) and Kodi, Google TV Chromecast dongle (with remote) and all connected to my LG TV (UH 850V-with magic remote) My previous PC Zalman case has internal IR receiver with IMON app and remote. Since I want to same power on/off function, I also installed Inteset Internal IR Receiver which wakes from The Off State(S5) (because unfortunately Flirc SE not available anymore) I would like to setup as; * Activity A: PC 1- Turn on PC (via sent command to Inteset Internal receiver) 2 Turn on TV and switch HDMI 1 3- Use most Skip 1s buttons for Windows main functions. 4- Shutdown TV and PC * Activity B: Kodi 1- Turn on PC (via sent command to Inteset Internal receiver) and launch Kodi (or only launch Kodi-as I can do first step via Activity A) 2- Turn on TV and switch HDMI 1 3- Use most Skip 1s buttons for Kodi/Media Player and some for LG TV's 3D on/off and picture mode button 4- Exit Kodi 5- Shutdown TV and PC and LG's volume up/down and picture mode button 4- Shutdown TV and Google TV Thanks in advance
  4. I'm new to this scene and was hoping this community could help me out - I got myself an Intel NUC and installed LE11 (because LE10 doesn't have support for newer hardware just yet). I got myself a flirc device and have successfully mapped and saved keys from my apple remote. However when I plug the device into the NUC I get no response from any of the remote key presses. An I missing something? Do I need to install or configure flirc somehow on the NUC?
  5. My question is: If I get a FLIRC will I be able to use an apple remote with it to control some simple media keys on my PC? Why use an apple remote? Because it looks decent and actually isn't too pricey, also it will cover the keys I'm interested in (play/pause, volume up/down, next track/last track). Cheers, Paul
  6. I have an industrial application in which I use a linux pc kiosk, flirc, and a custom remote control. The remote control presses get intercepted by xbindkeys which then runs the appropriate scripts, pyrhon program, etc. It works very well and I love flirc! Thank you for all your hard work! I am looking to expand my program functionality without adding extra buttons to my remote control. I would love if I could assign the modifier “shift” or “ctrl”, etc to a remote button but WITHOUT any other associated actual keyboard key. I would loved to assign just the naked modifier alone. The idea would be that it would work just like on a keyboard. On this new hypothetical remote, there would be a button labelled “Shift”. If you pressed the “a” button you would get “a” output but if you pressed”Shift” and “a” on the remote then you would get “shift + a” output. The solution that works for me now is that I have “Caps Lock” assigned to a button on the remote. Xbindkeys will detect whether caps lock is on or off which allows me my dual button function (“a” and “A” are treated differently). However the downside is my remote has no caps lock LED and so the end user is having trouble telling if caps lock is on or off until they press a button. Therefore, a two button press on the remote using, for instance, “Shift” plus “a” would work great! And I know flirc can assign complex keyboard presses and macros to a remote control button but this is not what I need. I want to make my 26 remote buttons have double functionality depending on what combination of buttons are pressed at the same time. Or if you another suggestion I have missed I would appreciate the help. Thanks you for your help, - Patrick Keating
  7. Hello I have a v1 flirc and it has worked great for years. Recently it started to not send (or receive, not really sure) commands correctly. I will have to push the button sometimes 9 times for the PC to respond. I have reinstalled the is (Debian Linux) and even tried it on multiple computers (various Linux distros) and still have the issue. It is not the remote as the tv and receiver react to every button press. Also every computer responds as it should to a keyboard so the issue appears to not be the computers but rather the flirc. Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be
  8. I have two gen 1 usb controllers (currently hooked up to Fire TVs). I am trying to switch to Shield TVs and I can't get them to work. Is the gen 1 not compatible?
  9. Hi, I'm in the process of making som sweet macros but I can't seem to get them to work as I want. This is what I try to do in the command line utility: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc\flirc_util.exe" record F10 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc\flirc_util.exe" record F11 I do get the: Successfully recorded button while doing this. These two are mapped to one key and when I press the remote key the first "F10" activates but not "F11". However when I press the same remote key again "F11" activates. Meaning that I have to press the same remote key twice to get this macro to work. What do I need to do to get this macro to work with only one remote key press? PS, I have setup Short press and Long press with good results: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc\flirc_util.exe" record play/pause "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc\flirc_util.exe" record_lp stop Short press and long press works as advertised. Best regards and I'm happy to have found Flirc! //Peter
  10. OK Guys. I was super excited by my FLIRC and decided to dedicate a review to it when I noticed that the older Fully clear version was no longer on amazon. So I found the new revision here on Flirc.tv and ordered one to compare. While it looks great but I am having issues. I updated the firmware on both and the software to newest as of today and what is happening is I cannot get key repeat to work with the new receiver. The old receiver works great for arrow keys and page up/down to scroll through lists as well as to adjust volume using my Emotiva XDA-2 remote. I just hold the key down and it repeats the action until I let go. I rebound everything in the software for the new receiver in the same way and it only performs the key press ONCE.. And then waits for you to re-press the key over and over. If I swap back to the old receiver it still works fine. There are a few checkboxes in the Advanced settings of the software that MIGHT fix this but I can't get that menu to work correctly. IE Intrer Key Delay is not set to any value and when I try and set it to anything or modify the check boxes it doesn't save when closing that dialog. **Fully updated windows 10 64bit OS Thank you, any help is appreciated. Also do you have any plans to put this unit on amazon to be prime shipped?
  11. Hey guys, loving flirc so far. I've been setting up my HTPC and I've got a Harmony Home Control remote that I've been using. One of the nice features with this remote is the long press option. I've tried mapping my 'Exit' button on the remote to do two different functions on short vs. long press but every time I try to map both I get an error that the button already exists. Does flirc support that at all, or am I stuck not being able to use a long press option? Thanks everyone. Edit: It looks like other buttons work with long press, but the exit one doesn't. I probably set up something incorrectly
  12. I am using Flirc with my KODI pc running windows10, i am using the XBOX ONE media remote and is all great but i wanna do more with this. Now, i wanna know if Flirc can send aswell as receive ir signal and if so how can i programe Flirc to send an ir code from my original tv remote so when i press a buttom in the xbox one remote the tv does what i want... Any help would be great. Thanks...
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