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Found 7 results

  1. USB Flirc V2, OneForAll URC-7960 remote set up for Media Center configuration In GUI I modify configuration for Kodi. Arrow keys and digits work out of the box. I program all the remaining keys I need (back, info, menu, epg and media control keys) without any issues. Problem: The programmed keys work very erratically: In the GUI, Play and Stop are never detected as pressed; Pause, Rew, FF, Previous, Next like on 1 in 5 attempts, the others are detected like on 3 in 4 attempts. In Kodi, all the keys seem to work the same - about 1 in 2 attempts is not detected; of the detected ones, 1 in 3 results in multiple keypresses. I attach saved config and log from pressing all the Media Control keys - in the log there seem to be no problems - either with lack of detection or duplicating keypresses (the latter seem to happen sometimes, but less often than in the GUI/Kodi). Please advise what can be the problem. One remark - the remote worked without any issues with an Intel NUC computer with build-in IR receiver. my_flirc_log.txt my_flirc_config.fcfg
  2. I loaded up the Flirc software for the first time in a while and it said there was an update available. I thought it couldn't hurt to update it, but it turns out it can. Ever since I updated it, my Logitech Harmony 650 remote doesn't work at all with it. It says it's connected on Flirc. When I open up the program and press buttons on my remote, the keys that are pressed aren't showing that they're being pressed but I can tell that it's being read by Flirc because it will say things like "recorded successful," "that button already exists," and "button erased" whenever I press a button on my Logitech. Even after clearing the configuration and mapping out new buttons, the remote can't control anything and they aren't showing in the program. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Flirc, updated both the GUI and Firmware (v3.25 GUI and 3.11 firmware), tried to manually install driver and used the ZADIG program (installation failed), deleted and readded Flirc on the MyHarmony App and I've restarted my computer multiple times. I'm using Windows 10 and I bought Flirc off Amazon several years ago so it's probably Gen 1.
  3. Hi all, I recently purchased a Flirc v2 to get more functionality out of my Philips TV/Remote when controlling my mediacenter. I use the controller in Full Keyboard mode. I noticed my TV remote seems to modulate a few sets of IR commands per key press...but i recorded them all and now it works fine. But! Im running my mediacenter on 1920x1080 resolution and the flirc GUI does not seem to fit this resolution! Therefore the Erase and Go buttons as well as the status bar can not be seen. Can this be fixed please? Luckily i only programmed a single wrong key so far (which i can not delete now).
  4. I've got my Flirc (metal model) and I can't get it to work. I've plugged it and installed Flirc for Windows, but whenever I open the program, it instantly freezes (Not responding in window's title) and I have to manually kill it in the Task Manager. I've found out that other people had this issue, some resolved by reinstalling the drivers with an utility (ZADIG). I tried that too but so far nothing changed. If I go to Devices in Windows, I see flirc listed under "other devices", so that's something I guess. I'm out of ideas, any help? OS: Windows 10 EDIT: If try to "Troubleshoot" with Windows' software, it says that flirc is an old device and may not work with USB 3.0. I don't have any USB 2.0 on my desktop. That's the problem? EDIT2: I found out that even with FLIRC not plugged, the program on Windows freezes as soon as it opens.
  5. The Flirc executable in the "Universal Static Package" is 32 bits - which requires messing with 32 bit libraries. Suggest to add 64 bit version.
  6. Hello, i have just bouth twice Flirc. So i have followed the information to install it on xubuntu 14.04 64 bit. And so i have got the version 1.2.9 . As i always put the last stable firmware, i have made an upgrade. The stick was on 2.1, and after the update it goes to 3.1 I have tested to asign key, and it works. After that i stop the application and do overthing. I wanted to add some keyboard key to the stick. I could not launch the application from the user, it says:
  7. downloaded the Windows GUI 1.0.5 and installed it on my HTPC (Windows 7 64 bit, FLICR connected through a USB 3.0 port). The GUI installed fine,but it showed the FLIRC status as disconnected. The driver in device manager shows 6.1.7600.16385 with a date of 2/28/2012. I've tried removing both the drivers from the system (via device manager) and uninstalling/reinstalling the GUI. I've also tried the Zadig tool as noted in the forum post on the topic. Still no luck. Any ideas?
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