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Found 3 results

  1. The dongle is outputting extra characters that are visible on whatever window that's open and accepts input (Lxterminal, Mousepad). Sometimes they appear on button press, other times on button release depending on how quickly you do it. ^[[15;5~ Is there a way to prevent Lxterminal from receiving input since it is not an interactive shell? But more importantly, why can't FLIRC only output the intended characters (Ctrl+F1) and nothing more? Using the latest firmware.
  2. Hi guys, Do we have anyone on Windows 10 who has Flirc gen2 working when connected to a USB-hub ? because I can't get it to work. Flirc gen1 no problemo.
  3. Hi, I checked the forums, but didn't really find a topic with my problem, so I try to ask: I have a first generation flirc and I use that without any problems for years. But I decided to get a new one, mostly becouse I have a frequent error in my mediapc/kodi that maybe becouse the old flirc reciever i got already used years back, but mostly becouse the new one is more up-to-date and let's face it, smaller, nicer and fits more to the mediapc than the old. I got the new one, but after setting up (install software, program the keys to my remote) it didn't work at all. The windows and the Flirc cliens sees the device, when I set up a key, it says it was programmed. But when I want to actually use the remote (even just to see the keystrokes it supposed to do) nothing. I cleared the settings, to start from scrach, set up all the keys. Now some works some not. Even the keys that does work, are unreliable. Sometimes I press the button and ok, next time its nothing for a minute (arrow keys for example, up - up - nothing for long seconds - up). The flirc client for programming the remote keys, sometime says that a key is already stored do I want to redo? But most of the time nothing, just store it like it was empthy. Plugging back the old flirc, works great, repsonsive, quick. Did I miss something with the setup? Can I check somehow what keys it stored? (the remote is a logitech harmony 350 and I did see that the harmony remotes have problems, but this is the most basic version, technically just an universal remote, and as I wrote, my old, first gen flirc works with it perfectly.) If anyone have any idea, I'd appreciate it, thanks.
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