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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, of the 4 screws that came with my case, one does not seem to work properly. Can you tell me (and future visitors of this post) the type of screw you used so I can get a replacement at my local hardware store? Other than that, I really love the case! Great work!
  2. Hi @jason my Flirc Pi4 case order did not include any screws for assembly. Can you please send the missing 4x screws? Thank you
  3. Can the flirc-se be use to turn on any pc motherboard except the user is responsible for drilling holed for the ir sensor and mounting it?
  4. Hi, I have the Firc Raspberry Pi case and I love it. I have a small suggestion if one day you make a new version, it would be to add a thermal pad connected to the case for the lan chip, as it produce some heat (and maybe the RG2?). Taken from a website. I can do the test, I have a thermal laser. Right now I put thermal pad + RAM heatsink that I have in spare, does the work, but would be nice to have it directly to the case :) Thanks for reading and thanks alot for the case, It is the best one I've seen so far :)
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