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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everybody, I´m new to this forum and I hope this is the correct question in the correct forum/section. I need some help in detail. Generally, My Harmony 650 works fine with Kodi/OSMC. My Flirc Firmware ist up to date. As I had some not-so-good-experiences with programming another remote-Crontroll (Hauppauge), I cleared all programmings in the flirc-SW. In the harmony software I chose Flirc as manufacturer and XBMC as Device. In general, my harmony rc works fine with that, except of two buttons: "volume down" and "info" don´t do anything, volume up and mute work fine! So I went to the myharmony-software and wanted to reprogram this vol. down button under "buttons". As I saw, that vol. down was assigned correctly, I didn´t change anything. Then I went to the flirc - sw and programmed the vol. down button. But it did not help. Does anybody have an advice for me? Thanks in advance! urmel
  2. Hi all, For some reason, I use the full keyboard controller to program my remote controller and I want to control the volume of kodi. Which character should I map to my remote controller button to be able to increase and decrease the volume in Kodi ? Thank you in advance
  3. Hello, there is a strange bug with the volume +/- buttons in Win10 , all works fine under Libreelec 8. Remote is Harmony 350 and V2 Flirc. Standard Flirc/Kodi setup in MyHarmony. When i try to map the volume buttons in Win10 GUI (latest firmware) under Kodi remote both of +/- are responding as volume up, green blink on volume up for both buttons. Win Kodi is also responding in same manner with volume up on both buttons. On same PC I have dualboot with Libreelec and without changing any config the +/- volume buttons works fine in Kodi under LE8. As the fault is clearly visible in latest Flirc GUI i assume it has to with the windows driver. How to proceed? / Freelance
  4. Flirc and new Inteset INT-422-2 remote arrived today. Installation/setup was easy as was initial config of Flirc keys and connecting the remote to my TV, Flirc, and Receiver. Everything seems to work pretty well with a one very frustrating exception; virtually no keys will repeat on long press. IOW, the volume, when held down, should repeat and continue to scale up or down. Same with Pgup/PgDn, and directional keys (under some playback conditions). I've done some research and found a few similar posts, but no real solution. I've seen repeated references to changing the Inter-Key in the Flirc GUI. Sadly, I haven't found a really good explanation of exactly what this key does nor do any of the threads I've read offer clues; some people find happiness going from 1-6, other find happiness going from 6-1. I've tried pretty much all of them with no changes. Now, here is the interesting part; This is only happening under Flirc in Kodi (XBMC). When I switch the remote to TV function (which bypasses Flirc), the volume scales up or down perfectly as it should with a long press. so, it seems to me that the remote is working perfectly and Flirc is at fault here. So, can someone provide me a solution? Clearly the Inter-Key sequence is not the problem and the GUI doesn't offer much else. Yes, I am using the latest firmware. Yes, I've done a remove, reflash, reinstall, and clear all key settings and then recorded new settings. I get the same results no matter what. Actually, a follow-up. It seems that my logic is faulty and that Flirc might not be entirely to blame. I have now reconfigured Flirc to use the original TV remote control (Panasonic) and it DOES manage the volume repeat as expected in Kodi. Now, I am at a loss as to why this combination of the Inteset remote and Flirc are not wokring as they should. I'd still appreciate any ideas that might solve the problem of why they will not work as expected.. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm using Rasbmc on my Rasperry Pi with Flirc and Apple Remote (silver). I've configured Flirc on Windows 7 using version 0.96 and controller 'XBMC' as shown in the attached file. How can I use the volume up/volume down buttons during playing a video without loosing the existing configuration? How can I use the 'informaton' button (to see codec) during playing a video without loosing the existing configuration? Is it possible to use one button on my Apple Remote for different keys in XBMC depending on the area in Xbmc? (e.g. Video, Settings, ...) Regards, Christian
  6. I just received my flirc today and I am truly impressed! This little bugger does almost exactly what I wanted it to do (I explain the almost below). Congratulations on such an amazing product, Jason. Definitely money well spent. So my setup is that I am using the SlingPlayer desktop application and wanted to pair an old DirecTV remote (RC64) with it so I don't have to be at my computer to control it. I got all the buttons mapped to SlingPlayer keyboard shortcuts via the flirc GUI except for the Volume Up/Down, Mute, and TV Input (I was using this button to control a different part of the application) buttons. I ran the Flirc Utilities application to see what was happening when I pressed those buttons and I noticed that those 4 buttons all were doing the same thing. Whatever I mapped to one of those, the other 3 would end up doing the same thing. I thought maybe the remote was bad so I tried my current DirecTV remote (RC65R), which has the same layout, but the same issue occurred. I'm not sure why this is happening, but my guess is that flirc can't seem to decipher between the IR signals of those 4 buttons for some reason. Jason, do you think this may be the issue or have any suggestions or what else could be the issue? In the meantime, I mapped those commands to the red, green, yellow, and blue buttons since SlingPlayer can't use those buttons properly anyway, but this isn't a very convenient workaround as I have to remember that blue = volume up and yellow = volume down :P
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