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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. I bought the Skip remote so I can consolidate my remotes for my TV, Shield, Apple, and Sound Bar in one of my media lounges. But I am having issues with setting up the remote to work with NVidia Shield. I tried using the Flirc models, and even bought the USB but to no avail.
  2. Hello, I just wanting say I had purchased the Flirc Gen2 USB and I'm proudly to say it an excellent device which I'm using with my HTPC build machine. I want to point out, however, with the Flirc software (version 2.6.4 & previous versions) - when using the Kodi (under Controllers in Flirc GUI), the shutdown is not register to the Inteset INT-422-3 remote power button. I just happen to find out when using Kodi 17. (on a Windows 10 HTPC build ) and when attempt to shutown with the Inteset remote, there is no respond - that when I check the setting in the Flirc GUI to verified all of Kodi buttons are mapped correctly to the Inteset remote (422-3). Is this something you can look into with the Flirc software - I suspect it must be a bug. Thanks. mTECHIE
  3. My question is simple the solution maybe not. My setup consists of a logitech harmony hub and logitech harmony touch remote a J4205-ITX board and a flirc 2nd gen. The problem is that flirc wakes up regardless which remote signal arrives. It does not care if its from the logitech or from the remote of the tv or any other remote or key, it wakes up. Is it possible to stop that behavior? Thanks for all answers in advance
  4. Can I use a Flirc with my android Kodi boxes. This would allow me to use the same remote (Direct TV which my wife and I love) for all of the Kodi boxes in the house?
  5. Hi, since I installed FW 2.6 the flirc usb stick is going continuously on / off. Remarkable thing is that in the Win Hardware Manager (Geräte Manager in German) flirc is rocked stable but the flirc application 1.2.6 is continuously connecting and disconnecting ... so I cannot use it anymore. Please provide a rollback either to 1.2.5 or FW 2.5. Thanks Very strange ... used another PC installed FW again. Back to Media PC de-installed flirc .. installed it again. So far so good.
  6. Soon as my flirc arrived I installed the flirc software on the pc (Windows 7) and opened the program but it kept switching between connected and disconected. After searching the forum I found this topic I connected to another computer and still happened the same thing. Afterwards I tried to update the firmware as suggested. Now the device is recognized as in DFU mode but it doesn't upgrade and shows this message "Could not upgrade firmware . Contact support. " Hope you guys can help me :)
  7. *** SOLVED **** :) :) :) :) Hello. I have recently bought a flirc. My setup is a Zotac Zbox, with the latest Xbmcbuntu installed. I have programmed my flirc, and it works just fine. BUT, here comes the problem. If I power ON the mediacenter WITH the Flirc inside the USB port, the system fails to boot. The screen just stays black! If I remove the Flirc, and restart the mediacenter WITHOUT the Flirc, the system boots just fine! I can put in the Flirc in the USB after XBMC has loaded up, and my device works just fine. What is the reason it makes my box fail the boot ? Is it because it detects Flirc as an bootable device? Please help me. Thank you for any answers. :)
  8. Actualy I am not yet sure it Is a Firmware bug. But - lately when I plug in the flirc-dongle thing, it starts a cycle of device-found decive-removed allerts, and the device is never recognized. Anyone have an idear what might be the cause of this? and bette, how to change it! ;-) Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5.
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