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  1. Hi, since I installed FW 2.6 the flirc usb stick is going continuously on / off. Remarkable thing is that in the Win Hardware Manager (Geräte Manager in German) flirc is rocked stable but the flirc application 1.2.6 is continuously connecting and disconnecting ... so I cannot use it anymore. Please provide a rollback either to 1.2.5 or FW 2.5. Thanks Very strange ... used another PC installed FW again. Back to Media PC de-installed flirc .. installed it again. So far so good.
  2. Hi Guys, just got my new flirc which well replace my E6 infrared modul. Unfortuanetly I'm having the same problem. Too many clicks after a single click. Playing around with InterKey Delay helps a bit but doesn't fix the problem. A longer delay is causing not recognized clicks on the remote but after a couple of seconds I get many clicks again. Has anyone fixed the problem? Regards, PS.: Relocating the usb stick doesn't help ....
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