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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. I just received my Flirc and was a bit surprised that I can only configure six buttons (arrows, enter, back). Is that a Mac OS X limitation? In any case, an Apple Remote has at least one extra button - Play/Pause, which I can't configue using the Flirc app. So I have my Apple Remote with a button that does nothing. What am I missing here?
  2. Having trouble trying to program Play and Pause for Windows Media Center. i seem to be able to program all functionality, except for these 2. GUI says "recorded successfully", but when i try to use the buttons, nothing happens. I've also tried using different buttons on the remote (ie not Play & Pause on the remote), but with the same result. I've tried 2 different remote controls, i'm able to program all functionality i need, except for Play and Pause. flirc firmware: 2.3 flirc gui: 1.2.2 remotes used: Tivo (series 2) and Samsung Smart TV remote any ideas?
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