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  1. i was able to get a buttons working for: Windows Key+Alt+Enter (mega!) Live TV = Ctrl+T Recorded TV = Ctrl+O Guide = Ctrl+G but not Skip Back = Ctrl+B Skip Forward = Ctrl+F Shortcut Menu = Ctrl+D
  2. "gui" keyboard made all the difference! got it all sorted, thanks all. and yes, the wmc keyboard shortcuts are pretty cool.
  3. that sort of makes sense ... sorta. happy to help sort this out when you have time. appreciate it.
  4. i'm trying to not have to use a keyboard, just a single existing remote. Flirc seemed cool that i could use an existing remote. And it's working great, mostly, right up until i fast fwd the ads, but can't stop it by pressing "Play", or using "Pause".
  5. Fast Forward & Rewind work fine, Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter, Mute, Home all ok. Basically everything except for Play & Pause
  6. Having trouble trying to program Play and Pause for Windows Media Center. i seem to be able to program all functionality, except for these 2. GUI says "recorded successfully", but when i try to use the buttons, nothing happens. I've also tried using different buttons on the remote (ie not Play & Pause on the remote), but with the same result. I've tried 2 different remote controls, i'm able to program all functionality i need, except for Play and Pause. flirc firmware: 2.3 flirc gui: 1.2.2 remotes used: Tivo (series 2) and Samsung Smart TV remote any ideas?
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