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  1. Same problem here, cannot install using Windows 8 64bit. Copied Jason's drivers to the HDD and pointed Win8 to it, but it says driver not available.
  2. Hi there, back again ;) After a few days of careful testing, two issues are marring our otherwise perfect remote control solution. 1) I'm sure it's been mentioned on here before, but the speed at which items whiz past when you hold down up or down to scoll, it's at least twice as fast as it should be. Not sure if that's a remote issue though. 2) Sometimes, when scrolling down through a list of episodes, the sub-menu pops up which is normally only actuated by pressing left (we are using the Xperience skin on XBMC). Neither is a show stopper, just on a quest for perfection :lol: Anyone else experienced issue number 2 especially?
  3. Oh and sorry, I can't believe I missed the old thread about this in the GUI Bugs forum *slaps head* :rolleyes:
  4. Hi Chris, and thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it out now (I was using the XBMC preset). I think I need to use the full keyboard now anyway as my other half would like to send an upper case W to XBMC to manually override which episodes have/haven't been watched.
  5. Hi! During programming my Flirc via the GUI, I assigned my remote's back button to 'back' on the GUI and the menu key to 'parent_dir'. However during actual operation on XBMC, these keys work contrary to how I'd expect. If I press the back key on my remote, XBMC takes me back all right, right to the top level, and not just back one level. Pressing menu does what I'd expect back to do, just go back up the tree one level. Does this make sense or am I bonkers? :)
  6. Right, I appear to have solved the problem, neither of which were Flirc's fault. Basically the remote was originally shipped using a reprogrammable 4-digit code system, later they shipped an identical remote which required only 3 numbers, differentiated only by a small white label inside the battery bay....see this thread: http://myhumax.org/forum/topic/remote-control-confused-if-3-or-4-digit-codes#post-235 I'd chanced upon the 3 digit codes and was trying to use those...needless to say Flirc responded with the errors mentioned above. My only problem now is trying to find a 4 digit code that uses ALL the buttons of the XBMC profile in Flirc's config. I had one that did all buttons except FF, for now I'm using one that uses all buttons except volume up, down and mute (handled by another remote anyway). Enjoying my Flirc now, thanks Chris! Hopefully this will help anyone else...not all remotes are the same, even when they are!
  7. I'm getting this issue too, I'm using Ubuntu 11.10, XBMC Eden. Programmed Flirc on a Win XP SP3 32 bit AMD powered machine. Only every second keypress actually works. My remote flashes to say it's sent the signal, but Flirc doesn't respond until I press it again. Makes scrolling up/down a bit of a pain! EDIT: Problem solved!
  8. Just read this thread: Basically, I'm suffering from both 1 and 2. So far I've tried programming a Sony TV code, and a Panasonic DVD code, both have the same problem.
  9. I confirm this remote works just fine - I used the 'DVD' button and assigned code 006 to it - a Sony code. (No Sony equipment here). I programmed Flirc with the XBMC keyboard layout and used it with my XBMC Eden running on Ubuntu 11.10. Detected first time, all buttons appear to work correctly. Will report back any issues in about a week (just to give enough time for any to crop up).
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