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  1. I have 3 flircs; two in use and the third I am just setting up. My first is for my htpc in basement which I have had for about 2 years with no issues. The second is in the 2nd floor bedroom which my wife uses for her htpc. The one in the bedroom until just recently never worked right due to phantom and run away key presses. My wife just basically gave up. I tried everything to fix the problem including swapping the two flircs with no luck. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it was somehow environmental and that stay light, sun light and/or reflections were the cause. Finally about a month ago I tried one more time to figure out the issue and this time I did. It now works perfectly and has been for a month. I see many people here complain about very similar issues so I'll share my fix and maybe it will help others. Basically. I put shades on the flirc. It is far too sensitive to stray light and reflections. I did this two ways. 1) I took an old DVD player and removed the plastic piece on the front where the display and IR receiver are. It is a coated piece of opaque plastic about 1/8 of an inch thick. I used a fine hack saw to cut a tiny piece that fit nicely over the front of the flirc. If you look through this piece at a lamp you will see it blocks much of the light. The plastic is opaque but also has a coating on one side. I expect it has special properties to block many wavelengths expect for the one used by the IR receiver. 2) I then took black electrical tape and completely taped up the entire flirc and even left about 1/4 inch of tape over hang the front of the plastic piece I put on the front. Finally I positioned the modified flirc in a recessed place a couple of inches behind the TV stand. My yearlong flirc issues are now solved. It works perfectly and the wife is happy. Even with the thick black piece of plastic, the flirc functions perfectly from across the room. No sensitivity is lost. I hope this might help some of you.
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