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  1. Chris....I owe you a beer! Thank you sir, that worked perfect!
  2. Hey Chris, Under input devices I have "Enable Mouse" Don;t have a "remote control sends keyboard presses" Using Plex on Windows 7 if that helps.
  3. Hello, I am having an issue with Flirc/Plex with using an on-screen keyboard. When I try to pull up, say Apple Trailers" in the Video Channels selection and go to search it comes up with an on-screen keyboard when this is displayed none of the arrow keys work and neither does the enter button. The only keys that work are the number keys and the back key (to get off of the on-screen keyboard). Everything else in Plex/Flirc is working great and always has been, this has been my last hurdle. Does anyone have any suggestions? Remote - Harmony One Flirc Programming - Full Keyboard
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