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  1. Can you try to check one more time with distance 10-20m from any TV/Recievers ect. with notebook with flirc?
  2. Hi all! my solution was simply run away from all devices that can make IR-noise.. Simply go away in other room (my case it was bedroom) with notebook and "check the sound" for ghost key-presses. it must be quite (i mean no more key-presses). After that simple erase all and re-register Remote keys. All works perfect (have switched back from Win7 to raspberry pi simply by inserting flirc in pi)
  3. So i have checked with USBTrace and have following detected: 1. Starting Flirc-GUI pass trace messages in USBTrace 2. Pressing "Erase" -> Messages 3. Pressing button on remote in key-accept mode -> Messages 4. if i wait few seconds - GUI write "button already erased" , no messages in USBTrace any advice? some kind conflicted software/drivers? msi350ai-e45 with Win7-32, flirc is used for XBMC
  4. Have the same issue! Have tring to delete like you wrote, but i get always the same message "already deleteted". Strange is - it was perfect workig unter ubuntu and just strange keypresses under Win7-32 (harware is the same). Firmware V1.
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