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  1. OK I'm here again. I found the error but not a solution, i reinstalled my mini and set it op as i used to. my flirc are sitting on a 1,5m usb extension and still docent work, multi presses and not responding propely, if i hold my fingers on where the flirc meet the usb extension it works perfect.......????? i let go it goes back. could be some usb power error I'm not sure, but if anyone have an ideer i would so happy, its hard to sit and hold the flirc in my hand and enjoy my xbmc.. Thx
  2. Ok so an update. after fighting with my remote, i tried the flirt on my mac book pro on xbmc, and that worked.. So i put it back in mac mini again and tried different usb ports, the first 3 ports had the same fault with running in xbmc gui, the last usb port didn't..... so wired. Can anyone tell me how/why this happens? du i need to reset the hardware in the mini or reinstall OSX.? Will update as i go
  3. Hello again. I got everything working, yesterday i was so lucky to get a new TV "Samsung 55" 8005" My harmony found that well and are fine, but my xbmc don't work well anymore, so i reset my harmony remote and added the "Flirc" "xbmc" again. First it didn't work at all, so i unplugged it and rebooted the mac mini, reinstalled the flirt/xbmc on my harmony and it now response but not well, if i press left or right 1 time, it will continue to go the direction until in stop it with a keyboard.. So switching a tv have for me mess up my flirc. im lost so if any have some advice i would be happy to hear from you. Kind Reguards Sebski
  4. Thank you very much, that helped a lot, there are still some small lag but guess thats the best i can get:)
  5. Hey Chris. I found it and thank you... I have some lag when browsing xvmc and found this" I have set the following delays for the Flirc device in Harmony: Power on delay: 8000 Inter-key delay: 0 Input delay: 500 Inter-device delay: 500" Im just not sure where to put the values at..
  6. Hello all. I just got my self a Harmony Touch from a friend that didn't need it anymore. Im running xbmc 12.3 on Mac mini Late 12. Osx ML How do i set my remote up with flirc? Thx
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