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  1. Just came back again to check if any progress was made, I did try the beta in july with noice-cancelling which didn't help. But I did notice an improvement when changing the delay, like 'ijeffrey',but it still isn't right. Is there anything being done on this issue? Do you need more input? Can we help you somehow to tackle this issue? One thing I am sure off, is that the flirc receiver is picking up the "ir" noice that my plasma (Panasonic) generates... Is there a way to reduce the sensitivety? P.S. If you need help with the GUI, I have experience with writing .NET applications (I am one of the 3 developers of http://getgreenshot.org).
  2. Just got my Flirc yesterday, and haven't been able to enjoy using it... :unsure: First I got the issue described in this forum entry, not using a remote still causes Flirc to simulate key presses... Than after a GUI & Firmware as specified in this forum, I now have the repeat behavior... This happens a lot, but doesn't seem to be consistent. Please help!! In the mean time, I will try to reapply the firmware... just in case, it shows something like 255.1 in the GUI which sounds weird. Edit: According to the GUI it's "rmware 255.1" but the utils shows it's 255.11. You might want to update the GUI :D
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