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  1. Code 500 started to exhibit some weird behaviour. Code 667 is working great. Thanks for the tip!
  2. I see that you folks make announcements via Twitter. Any chance of doing the same on Facebook? I see that there is a page created, but hasn't seen much love lately. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flirc/261504800602090 I get similar announcements from OpenELEC, RasPlex and RaspBMC. I would love to get some FLIRC updates on my wall as well.
  3. Although the focus of this post is narrow, I figure it may help someone out. I have a Dish remote (6.3 IR/UHF PRO) and found that when using the VCR mode button, the Sony DVD code 617 worked the best with XBMC on Raspbian (RaspBMC - version June 2013). The only quirk I found was that the left direction button doesn't work. Its not that major of an annoyance, but perhaps after enjoying my flirc for a few days I'll see if I can resolve the issue. Thanks to Jason and the rest of the team for developing such a great product.
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