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  1. Jason, I have been flashing w/ 2.3 with built in profiles turned off and it's still really grumpy with me . I always get that button exists and the redo loop and the can't erase buttons. Thoughts?
  2. Yes I like the harmony profile although i really would really like a wake button. as well as power off button command. These are the last two pieces for me, I assume thats all BrianAz is doing. Happy new year jason. Random sidenote I cannot the get the poweroff command to work, but one step at a time. Harmony one, Windows 7, XBMC
  3. Question i have the flirc XMBC and my usb wake is working, by pressing any button. But how do i attach an event for power off. I read through this and i'm just blanking. maybe i am missing something. I am sorry if i missed it. Zotac id-34BR Harmony ONE WIn 7 XBMC
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