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  1. Unfortunately I didn't do a proper analysis to make this determination. i.e. I changed more than one thing at a time before trying it out. My "guess" without knowing how your code works, is that it was this combination of things. 3.5 is more "sensitive" to the Harmony 650 than 3.0. This can be mitigated for existing installations as I indicated above. I noticed that the default inter key delay setting for 3.0 was 5 whereas on 3.5 it is 3. So an upgrade changes this important value. (I verified this by re-instaling 3.0 on that Win 7 machine and looking at the differences compared to 3.5) So after upgrading, you end up with software that is more "sensitive" and a changed inter key delay setting. I hope that helps. Given the littany of remotes out there, it's probably impossible to test every possible scenario before releasing a new level of software.
  2. After I made that post I did somre work with it and got it to work. Here is what I did. Used the Flirc software to set the delay to maximum as indicated above. I also deselected all the other options that were preselected. (I think these were XBMC & the Harmony ones) Using the Harmony software I set the remote as indicated in one of your links above. After making these changes the Harmony/Flirc combination works fine now. While I did the programming of both devices on a Win 7 computer, the Flirc is actually installed in a small scratch built HTPC running Mythbuntu 14.0x and only acting as a frontend. It's an I3 with dedicated Nvidia GPU so there is no lack of mips here for what it does. I should have spent more time with it before I made the post above so my apologies for the false trouble report.
  3. The problem does indeed exist with the Harmony 650. I have 3 of these and 3 Flircs. All were running 3.0. When I upgraded one of the Flirc devices to 3.5, it became practically unusable. I did change the delay as indicated on the Flirc to the maximum value, which impoved things a bit, but it's not perfect, double clicks about 1 out of 15 times now, and now the entire setup is pretty sluggish compared to the other two HTPCs. If I could downgrade to 3.0 I would, but after seeing the commentary in this topic, I'm rather afraid to try it as I don't want to end up with a completely non-working setup.
  4. Are there plans to release an update so the Linux client (presumably 1.27 will recognize the 3.0 firmware. I updated one of my flircs to 3.0 but would like to program the keys on a Linux machine. It flirc client won't recognize this level of FW. Thanks.
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