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  1. Ooohh right, this is a bug I solved a while ago and forgot about. I guess it didn't make it into the 12.x branch, sorry for the confusion. Anyway, for XBMC on Android, I highly suggest you try my "libstagefright" builds (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=152005), which brings H/W accelerated video to most android devices. This one is based on the 13.x branch and has the keyboard fix ;)
  2. I'm not too sure about ESC, but pretty sure BACKSPACE was working. As soon as I'll boot back the Ouya, I'll have a look.
  3. Apparently, even with "interkey_delay", there is something fishy... It looks like it works for a while, then the sticky keys syndrome comes back. Removing the flirc, waiting a bit, then re-inserting seems to again make it work for a while...
  4. Hehe, being in the XBMC Team has advantages. Thanks a lot for your sponsorship, BTW :) Besides the dev kits, they are currently shipping to the kickstarter backers. The non-kickstarter pre-orders will only be fulfilled starting June, Ithink.
  5. Setting "interkey_delay" to 2 seems to nail it. As I said, the default "6" lead to sticky keys.
  6. I've installed the 1.1 beta firmware and the situation has improved. It seems I have less "auto-repeat" but still happens sometimes. I wonder if it's not a duplicate of the "sticky" issue, though...
  7. No, does seem ok on windows. IIRC, I had the same effect on all Android boxes I tried, so probably something with Android in general, indeed.
  8. It works quite well for me on an Ouya + XBMC. Only bothering thing is that it seems there is some kind of undesired auto-repeat. Seems ok under windows, but under Android, keys auto-repeat, and with a near zero delay. Anyone else with this issue? Or, better, with a solution? ;)
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