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  1. I posted this at the xbmc forums, it probably makes more sense here. The "send keyboard commands" is so on screen keyboard with arrow keys works I found out.. ----- Dish Network remote 21.0 rf/ir + flirc + xbmc = success! I just want to report that I bought a flirc with the idea of using it with my dish network remote, and so far it's awesome. I do have an issue with the cursor running too fast if I hold down the arrow buttons, but I suspect I can tweak that in xbmc. But after a lot of fiddling maybe others will find this useful. Here's what I did: I have my xbmc machine going through a denon AVR to a samsung TV (doesn't really matter what model, but these are what I control), I also have dish network. The dish remote is a universal learning uhf/ir - but the uhf is really just for dish network. The IR is for everything else. The remote works well for dish, and is set to turn on/off and do volume on my tV. that's the standard dish network thing. - Keep in mind, if you want to control power and volume on the AVR (not the tv) you can only use the AUX profile. I learned the hard way (lots of button pushing). These dish remotes are learning remotes, but they're not fancy save-it-to-your-pc things. You program them by mashing a bunch of buttons. I used my samsung TV remote's 'stb' and 'dvd' settings to provide codes for the dish remote, think of these as 'virtual' -- these remote codes don't actually control any of my equipment, I just use the codes for flirc and xbmc. - The dish 21.0 can learn in 'hybrid' mode, which means you enter a code to emulate another remote, and then program the buttons on top of that. That seems the easiest and most attractive, emulate a remote to get a bunch of buttons, and learn the specific ones you want. I tried that and it was troublesome. I went for straight "learning", so I programmed every button. My procedure was (I wrote this down because if you miss a button you do it ALL AGAIN): 1) Program the 'aux' button (so I can control avr volume and power) - refer to the manual, but from memory it's something like: hold down aux until all buttons light, release it. Hold down "record" until just aux is lit, then go.. 2) On the AVR remote (that actually controls my avr) - program these into the dish aux (dish on left, avr on right): dish power =AVR standby (it is not a toggle, just off) vol -/+ = volume -/+ (2 buttons) mute = mute red = sat/cable (a quick select for dish receiver) the color buttons effectively will turn on the avr, and also select input green = game2 (for me, quick select for xbmc) yellow = BD quick select (my ps3) blue = CD (you get the idea.) at this point, you can turn the avr off, and turn it on by selecting a color button on the dish remote, and select input. also do volume.... don't stop thought because you must program it all in one go.. 3) on tv remote in "tv" mode (which controls my tv) INPUT = source ---allows me to have the tv select my wii 4) on tv remote, switch to "STB" mode (these don't actually do anything, they just give me codes for flirc.) use directional arrows and enter on both info = info recall = pre-ch pause = fav. ch (really ths can be any button that lights up, pause/play were a combined button) play/ffwd/rewind/stop = same on both view live tv = 0 button menu = menu search = 1 5) I ran out of buttons that light up! So, switched the tv remote to another mode "DVD" skip forward = play skip back = stop page up = ffwd etc, etc.. I also programmed number keys 0-9 from this 'dvd' mode. Then, exit out of learning mode. Test out things. I bet you missed AN FING BUTTON! Do it all again.. Now you know why people spend a lot of money on expensive remotes. however, eventually you'll get it good enough. I didn't manage to program all keys. I missed "record" and "dvr" -but I have plenty I think.. 6) Test it on your tv for whatever real buttons exist. 7) program your flirc with all those virtual buttons. Then go play with xbmc! I also selected "remote sends keyboard" in xbmc settings.. I don't know if that's required, but seemed wise.
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