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  1. It does work, thanks. I just wasn't getting the full operational distance from my remote but I've sorted it all out. Thanks for the prompt response.
  2. I apologize in advance if I'm overlooking a previous topic. What do I have to do to get flirc working with my windows bootcamp partition on my Mac mini?
  3. Happy to report that after disabling Remote Buddy, the Philips buttons are responding! I will gladly dig through the guides and forum to fine tune it's usage. Thank you for your help. Any idea how to make the arrow buttons send multiple keypresses so that I can scroll menus instead of navigating one press at a time? My keyboard functions this way innately.
  4. Hi Chris! No luck. FLIRC says "recorded successfully" but the buttons do nothing in finder.
  5. Thank you for your attentiveness, Chris. I will try when I'm home in a few days.
  6. Any results yet? I have been unable to set up this remote+flirc+xbmc osx.
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